Performers’ Biographies

  • Popstar Singer-Songwriter Iryna Lonchyna
    An “Honored Artist of Ukraine” and winner of many national and international awards and song and music contests, this superstar pop singer started singing, studying music and performing in the fourth grade. She has been a featured singer in many concerts, radio and television programs and festivals throughout Ukraine, Europe, Canada and the United States. She not only sings known traditional and modern songs, but also composes and arranges her own lyrics and music. She has authored no less than three albums: The “Strings of Love” (2006), “DoNot Forget Me” (2010); and “A Bouquet of My Songs” (2015). Among her immensely popular songs are: “Forget Me”; The Days Go By”;  and “This is My Ukraine”. Visit Ms. Iryna’s facebook Page,  https://www.facebook.com/iryna.lonchyna, and view her videos on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch and https://youtu.be/e7Qv08weCD4

    Popstar singer-songwriter Iryna Lonchyna Popstar singer-songwriter Iryna Lonchyna
    Photo courtesy of Iryna Lonchyna


  • Voloshky Ukrainian Dance Ensemble (Jenkintown,PA).
    Voloshky has earned international renown for the vigor and resplendence of its performances. The Voloshky style is bold, powerful, and one of sparkling athleticism. The Ensemble generates a dynamic blend of art and energy characterizing the vitality of the Ukrainian people. Voloshky's artistry and portrayal of Ukrainian dance is testament to a vibrant and enduring culture steeped in rich history.  www.voloshky.com.

    View two of their promo videos:  https://www.youtube.com/user/voloshky and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gdFayz-Rx-c

    Voloshky Ukrainian Dance Ensemble

    Photo courtesy of Christine Syzonenko

  • Violinist Innesa Tymochko Dekajlo (Lviv, Ukraine) starting at the age of six, Innesa has studied violin with some of Europe’s greatest masters. She has fused the beauty, power and soul of traditional Ukrainian folk music with the classical string instrument - the violin. Her fresh, inventive style has gained critical acclaim from both classical and traditional music critics. Innesa has toured throughout Europe and North America. www.innesa.com.

    For a sample of her talents, see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jggNbw064Qg&feature=emb_logo

    Violinist Innesa Tymochko Dekajlo



    Photos Courtesy of Christine Syzonenko and Kathy Park Photography

  • Carpathia Folk Dance Ensemble
    Founded in 2011, the Ensemble is Our Nation’s Capital’s premiere multi-ethnic folk-dance performance group. Its bountiful Central and East European repertoire consists of dances from Ukraine, Romania, Poland, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Macedonia, Russia, Bulgaria, and of the Roma/Gypsy people. The collective is all-volunteer and comes from a variety of backgrounds including immigrants from countries it represents to people who do not have any ethnic heritage from those nations. An intense passion for dance, for music, and for sharing cultures with diverse audiences throughout the Mid-Atlantic region unites the group. Carpathia is an organization not for profit that pursues its stated mission to preserve and to present the cultural dance and music of Central and Eastern Europe. For a broad variety of photos and videos, visit Carpathia at https://www.carpathiadc.org/ .

       Carpathia Folk Dance Ensemble

    Photo Courtesy of Carpathia

  • Vox Ethnika Orchestra and the Ariana LemJoy Trio
    Its unique compositional approach to music has received wide recognition in the USA, Canada and Europe; its style of transforming East European folk music is influential. Vox Ethnika is the only band that performs all manner of Eastern European Folk and Pop music (Ukrainian, Lemko, Rusyn,  Czech, Slovak, and Polish, Rusyn, Ukrainian) set to unique modern arrangements. It also carries a wide, varied and rich repertoire of American and British music – from the twenties to contemporary top hits. Visit and like Vox Ethnika on Facebook and watch them on YouTube.

    Vox Ethnika

    Photo courtesy of Christine Syzonenko

  • Yuliya Stupen and the Soloway Ensemble
    The Soloway Ensemble is a noteworthy, extremely talented and versatile Philadelphia area group that performs a wide array of traditional, modern and contemporary Ukrainain music and song through a wide array of personalized arrangements. It features the very special singing voice and musical talents of Ms. Yuliya Stupen, a well-known performing artist that is no stranger to the Philadelphia area stage. Enjoy audio and video samples of Soloway’s works on their Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/solowayband/       

  • Live Reenactments from Ukrainian History, by Banner of Jasna Gora

    Jasna Gora

    Jasna Gora